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One Tip To Motivate Yourself To Start Losing Weight

One of the most difficult thing to do is to go on a diet. Many of us have promised ourselves to start eating healthy and lose some unwanted kilos off our bodies. However, the most common problem is... to start putting that promise into reality.

My boyfriend is one of us. He promised himself to start eating healthier food last year. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do so as food are really amazingly tempting in this part of the world. So, he started gaining more weight. Three weeks ago, he looked at his closet and told me that he would truly star going on a diet soon. He said that he did not want to wake up one day finding out that his clothes are already too small for him to use. My boyfriend has lots of expensive branded clothes and he did not want to give them up. So the next day, amazingly, he started eating healthier!

He's actually on his third week as of today on his diet. I am really surprised how focused and committed he is!

Just today, I asked him if he wanted to have some crispy bacon strips on the side of his main meal (chicken vegetable salad). He said "no" at once! It was actually the first time in years that he declined my offer of having slices of delicious bacon.

Since the day he started eating healthier, I began eating vegetables, too. I am actually happy about how we're doing today when it comes to eating better.

So, if you find it difficult to commit yourself to losing weight, open your wardrobe and imagine how awful it is to leave those clothes behind!

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