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Therapeutic Uses of Chamomile

Common Name: Chamomile or Camomile
Scientific Name: Martricaria chamomillaActive Ingredients and Therapeutic Uses:

  • Chamazulene - chamomile's active ingredient
    - known as a potent antioxidant which is very important in the anti-inflammatory process
    - antiseptic
    - relieves cramps
    - antispasmodic

  • Bisabolol - known for it's skin healing properties
    - has a sweet floral aroma which is why it's used in many fragrances
    - reduces inflammation
    - antiseptic
    - relieves cramps
    - antispasmodic

  • Coumarin - famous treatment of lymphedema
    - reduces cramps
    *** should be avoided by people allergic to perfumes

  • Flavonoids - works together with coumarin to lessen cramp pains
    - known for its antioxidant activity
    - also known as bioflavonoids
    - antispasmodic

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