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Voltaren Gel

Right after my boyfriend came home from work yesterday, he was complaining about backpains. It was the first time ever I saw him in so much pain. He could not even move from one position to another without shouting "ouch"!

I felt so sorry for him so I went to the medicine cabinet and check what I could possibly find to help him ease the pain. There I found a tube of Voltaren gel.

My boyfriend suffers from gout from time to time so it is really wise for us to make sure that we don't ran out of it especially if his gout attacks during the night.

Anyway, I rubbed a thin film of the gel on my boyfriend's back and massaged his back for some minutes. He was able to relax for sometime and fell asleep. Two hours after his short nap, he told me that he felt much better and that his backpain was almost gone. That was such a relief for both him and me!

Anyway, Voltaren gel contains 1% diclofenac sodium (generic name) and is proven through studies to be mostly safe treating most types of body pains. However, just like any drugs, there are also some adverse reactions to Voltaren gel so it is always advised to consult your physician first before using the product (both the gel and the tablets) to ensure safety.

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