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Activate CART, Depress NPY With Fenphedra

Weight loss when scientifically defined refers to the loss of total body mass in order to improve fitness, appearance and overall health of a person. Weight loss is usually considered therapeutic especially to individuals who are overweight or obese in order to attain the desired normal weight.

After several years of careful research and study in modern science, Fenphedra has been finally released on the market. It has been recognized as the solution to long term weight loss success. This diet pill was designed to stimulate the Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript or CART while suppressing Neuropeptide-Y or the NYP.

It's very simple to understand. Whenever the CART is stimulated, it speeds up your metabolism, moderate your appetite while it increases insulin to distribute energy to your muscles instead of having them stored as body fat.

On the other hand, the NYP, also referred to as the stress hormone increases your hunger and minimizes your metabolism.

This is why Fenphedra is very effective as it promotes CART while depressing NYP.

Here are the main ingredients contained per capsule:
  • DiCaffeine Maleat (200mg) - CART stimulant
    -optimizes energy and promotes mental focus
  • Chocamine TM (200mg) - CART stimulant
    -normalizes appetite and cravings while sustaining energy

  • Phenylethylamine also known as PEA(20mg) - CART stimulant
    -also contained in chocolates which raises blood pressure and blood glucose levels
    -makes us feel more alert

  • Synephrine HCl (20mg) - CART stimulant
    -can help burn fat and suppress appetite

  • Humulus Lupus - NPY Inhibitor
    -produces calming sensation
Going through some Fenphedra reviews submitted by those who have bought the product, I found out that most of them are satisfied with the results making it an amazing diet pill for those who are interested in substracting a few kilos off their weight.

If you are also interested in going down some pounds, check Fenphedra now and read through some Fenphedra review online to help you in your decision making. Who knows? You might become one of Fenphedra's pleased consumers.

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