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Keep Your Brain Active By Learning New Things

My parents used to remind me that learning is a continuous process in life and that to keep my brain active, I have to keep it working.

Honestly, they are right. Opening myself to new things everyday helps both my mental and emotional growth. Aside from learning the Swedish language, I have decided to read a little about how people invest in the stock market industry and how it can possibly affect lives.

I have a couple of colleagues who come from Russia and they've been telling me about Russian stock updates. They've told me that it has not been doing so well in the past months and that it has affected people's lives as companies shortened working hours by 2, stopped hiring new employees and that there can even be possibilities that they can not receive holiday incentives.

So that's my first knowledge about the direct impact of stock market to every person's lives. I need to do more readings in order to widen my knowledge about this kind of stuff. I have to feed my brain to keep it going!

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