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Lighted Candles Eat Up Oxygen

One month ago, I decided to relax for awhile as I was so stressed about my subjects in school. It was a Saturday so I chose to have a long bath with warm bubbly water. After preparing the tub, I lit two candles and placed them on top of out bathroom cabinet. I locked the door to have a bit of privacy and submerged my body into my warm bubble bath.

It did not take long when I felt uncomfortable as I could no longer breathe well. I immediately rose, picked up my towel, patted myself dry and got out of the tub. I felt that the world was moving. I noticed that it wasn't Earth that was in motion... I was dizzy!

I sat back at the edge of the bathtub and waited awhile until I could finally focus. I opened the bathroom door and sat on the sofa for some time. I was so puzzled why it happened as it never occurred before. I remembered that I did not leave the bathroom window with a little opening which made me ill.

I finally figured it out. I inhaled oxygen while the two lighted candles ate up oxygen as well. As the bathroom door and window were both closed, no fresh air could come in and the carbon dioxide which I exhaled and the candles produced kept on circulating inside the bathroom. The amount of oxygen in the bathroom had been reduced every second while the amount of carbon dioxide was slowly filling up the room. Then it happened... without knowing, the candles and I were already fighting for the very small percentage of oxygen remaining in the four corners of the bathroom. That's when I started feeling ill!

Lighted candles eat up oxygen just like we do. As candles burn, they put out carbon dioxide ... we humans exhale them. So be sure that when you are having your precious bath moments with lighted candles, open your door or your window to allow fresh air to displace carbon dioxide inside your room.

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