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My Mother And Her Sinusitis Discomfort

I feel so sorry for my mother as most of the time, she comes home feeling sick due to sinusitis. She usually gets it after being exposed to dust and carbon dioxide emitted from running vehicles. I see her struggle so much in pain and irritation. There are times when she tries to lie down in bed, hoping to fall asleep in order to forget the uneasy situation she's in.

The most common sinus infection symptoms my mother encounters before the onset of her agony are facial pain (especially on the forehead, down to the upper eye area and to the nose), headache, itchy cough, swollen eyelids and thickened and coloured mucous. There are even days when she suffers from sore throat due to dry cough.

I am really glad that I don't suffer from it. It's never fun to have such irritating infection such as sinusitis. Going home to your family with sinusitis symptoms takes away valuable time you are supposed to spend with your loved ones. That is why I hope that my mother can one day find treatment for this unhealthy condition so she can start enjoying life to the fullest.

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