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Reading Novels - Loving It!

I honestly don't like reading novels and such as I find it boring. I'd rather sit down in front of the tv to watch films and see real characters in action rather than imagining how things are happening while reading each scene, word per word.

However, I read two novels in 2008 just because I (actually, we - me and my classmates) was forced to do so. We were required to read two novels in Swedish and submit written book reports at the end of the term. I was still a one-year old resident here in Sweden during those days and I was actually panicking as the novels should be in Swedish! It was somewhere in the middle of my first book when I realized that reading novels was actually fun and entertaining. I wasn't just able to widen my Swedish vocabulary - I also put my imagination to work! After finishing two books, I started having the feeling of completeness not because I was able to complete my book reports but because I was proud that I was able to accomplish something that I hated to do.
Now, I am reading another novel in Swedish and another in English for a couple of book reports for this term. I am really loving it now. I just hope that I will continuously get hooked on going through hundreds of pages to feed my vocabulary bank!

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