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Towels And Shower Curtains - Possible Sources Of Bacteria?

I love my bathroom. It's where I spend so much time enjoying my shower everyday and my bath on Saturdays that is why I try to keep this specific area in my apartment clean.

Didn't you know that your towels and shower curtains can be common sources of bacteria? Most of us do not care about these two bathroom items. According to studies, towels which are folded or hung crumpled right after using are good opportunities for bacteria to dwell onto and multiply. As they are being folded while wet, air isn't able to circulate well on the towels. This also means that these towels will remain damp making it a perfect breeding area for bacteria as well as mold and mildew. Remember that bacteria and other disease-carrying organisms can easily increase its population in humid places. This situation also goes to shower curtains as we usually push them at one side of the shower area after using them.

So what should we do about this?
  • Towels - be sure to hang the towels without even folding them. This gives your towels the chance to air-dry. You can also buy a heat type towel dryer which you can attach on a particular wall in your bathroom. This is so convenient as this bathroom item is always warm. Therefore hanging your wet towels here can easily dry up.

  • Shower curtains - be sure to spread your shower curtains even after using them to allow them to dry.

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