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Worktops And Chopping Boards - Your Worst Kitchen Nightmares

We often neglect the importance of keeping our kitchen worktops and chopping boards clean. We all know that these kitchen items touch the food we are preparing and will later be placed on our tables therefore, it is very necessary to keep both the worktops and chopping boards clean. According to research, these two items are one of the dirtiest materials inside out kitchen where bacteria usually reside. So if possible, sanitize these two things before using them.

Here are some ideas on how to keep worktops and chopping boards as clean as possible:
  • Remember to always wash worktops with soap and water before you start preparing them. It is better to use hot water to kill most bacteria. It is even better if you can wipe your worktops with sanitized towels after you have washed it.

  • Never put vegetables or fruits on worktops especially after placing raw meat on it. Be sure to wash the top again after preparing raw meat before placing vegetables and fruits on it. (this also goes with your chopping boards)

  • Make sure that you are using clean chopping boards. Wash your chopping boards with soap and rinse it with hot or warm water before using them again.

  • Lastly, never be lazy. Always wash your worktops and chopping boards right after using them to minimize the spread of bacteria.

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