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A Wrestler In Disguise - Just Another WannaBe!

I am very excited about the launch of my wrestling career. I mean, who would expect that a tiny woman like me could make it to the wrestling industry? This will surely be the turning point of my life... it will either make me or brake me (I choose for it to "make me").
Okey... of course this is just a fantasy created by Mr. Funk. I am not really stepping inside that ring after having my name announced. I will never be breaking someone else's bones - nor allow someone to break mine. But I am glad that I am one of Blog Wrestling Entertainment's (BWE) fictional characters.

The first time I received an e-mail asking for my permission to take part of Mr. Funk's (and his team's) project, I never had second thoughts about it. Well, why not? At least I am going to become a huge person in an imaginative wrestling creation.

Thanks Mr. Funk for enlisting me in your crazy world! My boyfriend will surely love it!

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