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Matching The Right Coat For The Right Season

A former classmate who came from Brazil became so sick one day that he needed to skip school for a week and a half . He was advised by his doctor to take a rest until he had gained back his strength. When he got back to class, he explained that he got sick because he had not been wearing the right outerwear for the season. It was near winter already but he kept on wearing his favourite thin skin jacket which he humbly confessed was because of fashion. Due to the very cold climate in this part of Sweden, his love for fashion caused him to suffer from colds, cough and high fever.

There is nothing wrong with being trendy for as long as it's fit for the season. It doesn't mean that winter hinders an individual to look fashionable just because one has to wrap himself (or herself) so much to keep the body warm. I mean, why spoil one's love for fashion just because the temperature's below zero? When in fact, there are lots of trendy outerwear that are suitable for different occasions, for any weather and for any season of the year.

After my classmate's awful experience during his first winter ever, he purchased two Roca Wear Coats a couple of months after. He now has one stylish outerwear which he can have during the spring and autumn seasons and a winter jacket to keep him warm for the very cold season. Now, that's fashion combined with correct reasoning!

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