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Put Your Brain To Work - Join The XML Challenge!

Do you agree that practice makes perfect and that quizzes make people a lot wiser? They do! In order to sharpen both our brains and skills, we have to test ourselves by taking quizzes and by putting our knowledge into practice.

So if you think that you are a genius especially in the field of database technology, enter the XML contest and win real prizes. It is so easy to become a participant You only need to register by entering your email address, choosing your username, choosing your XML status (whether you are a student or a profession in the field) and of course by participating in a Quick Quiz (don't worry as you do not need to be an expert to complete the quiz). That's it! You can then choose from 5 different contests to join which are:

  • Video Contest
  • Gadget Contest
  • Query Contest
  • Ported App Contest1
  • XML2 Contest

So be sure to choose the right competition to join as there will be thousands of dollars in prizes that await all the winners.

Join now and put your brain to work! Good luck and have fun!


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