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Custom Made Shirts And More At SpeedeeShirts

When I was still managing a pharmacy before, we usually had customized tee shirts, caps, pens and other freebies during anniversaries and product promotions. It was an effective way of attracting customers and increasing daily sales. Wednesdays were also our tee shirt day when we must wear a specific "promotion of the day" top which was made available by the medical representatives from different companies. I honestly miss those days!

With the advancement in technology, the people behind SpeedeeShirts created an idea of designing your own shirt online. I've tried designing my own shirt there and found the menu and controls very friendly. If you are curious about it, try designing your own shirt. It's fun and really easy!

The next time you are planning on sponsoring a fundraiser, charity and business events or having your family and friend reunion, try making the affair more fun and memorable by giving away some customized items as a reminder of the occasion. SpeedeeShirts doesn't only specialize in customizing shirts. They also offer custom made tank tops, caps, mugs, pens and many more! Check their website or email them at for more information. You can also reach them through phone at (412) 233-3555 (regular line) or at (866) 694-9301 (toll free).

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