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A Friend's Personal Choice On Life Insurance

I was chatting two days ago to my friend who now resides with her husband and two little girls in the US. She was so happy to let me know that her husband's California Short Term Health Insurance was approved a week ago.

My friend's husband works as a traveling salesman and has been given the chance by his company to choose the type of insurance he wants. He was also given the opportunity to select the insurance company himself. They immediately asked for a California Life Insurance Quote the same day and have given some time to check the policy and benefits. They have even studied the California Medicare Parts A and B together. California Medicare Part A is the policy which covers a huge range of inpatient hospitalization services while Part B will cover most of the doctors' fees, outpatient care and many more. The couple has decided to apply for Parts A and B which has been approved immediately.

My friend says that she now feels more secured about her husband's day to day activities regarding his job. She now knows that if something unexpected happens to his husband (health wise), the insurance will cover most of the hospital and other medical bills. My friend will soon start working in a hospital near her kids' school. She's now planning on applying for the same insurance her husband has applied for. According to her, it's better to make sure that she and her husband are seeing the importance of their healthcare needs and are actually acting on it.

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