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Incoco Dry Nail Applique Color Enamel Strips

Since it's going to be a vacation for me and the rest of the students here in Sweden from today, April 09 until the 19th, I have decided to drop by some stores in town yesterday after my last subject.

I didn't really have any particular thing to buy. I just wanted to visit some shops yesterday to check what new items were there. I of course did not go home empty handed. I bought a watch (again?), a pair of open toe ballerina shoes and a blouse. But before finally going home, I went inside my favourite beauty shop, looked at different beauty products and looked and kept on looking ... until my eyes were finally caught onto something - some nail coloring strips! Yup. you read it right - STRIPS, not paint!

The product's called Incoco Dry Nail Applique Color Enamel Strips. I guess Avon also has such strips on the market today. I haven't checked on that yet but will surely do it later.

Anyway, to understand better how to apply the strips onto your pretty fingernails (and toenails), here's a video for you:

Seems easy? Yup! I have tried it myself before going to bed yesterday. It was of course a bit difficult at first especially when I have been figuring out what to do first. So, I have tested a strip on a nail first and have tried to figure out some techniques as shown on the video. I can say that after the first try, I am already a pro! It's pretty easy actually - dries quickly and no mess! So go try it yourself.

The price? I say it's not that expensive. The price range is somewhere around $4 to 7 per pack. By the way, Incoco has also the french tip ones which you might want to try as well.

Anyway, here are the steps again on how to apply the enamel strips:
  • For best results, clean and buff nails lightly.
  • Push back cuticles with wooden cuticle stick.
  • French Nail Application:
    • Tip: Start with pinky and work towards index. Apply thumbs last.
    1. Select size that best fits nail.
    2. Remove protective plastic cover. Gently peel white tip, breaking from base color.
    3. Position white tip onto edge of nail to desired coverage. Once in place, rub all areas of white tip and firmly crease excess around nail edge. File off excess in a gentle downward motion.
    4. Peel color strip, grasping between thumb and index finger and lay rounded edges against cuticle.
    • To Realign: Peel nail strip and readjust.
    • Once in place, rub all areas of nail strip and firmly crease excess around nail edge.
    • File off excess in gentle downward motion.
    • Options: White portion may be applied over color strip.
  • Saving Unused Strips:
    • Place nail strips in package and seal with silver tape.
    • Once package is opened, exposure to air causes nail strips to dry out.
  • To Remove:
    • For best results, use the enclosed Incoco polish removal cloth.
That's it! See you all again later and enjoy those beautiful nails!


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