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Safer Floor For The Family

Growing up with parents and two uncles who are engineers, I've learned some tips from them on how to create a healthy and safe home. They've been very specific when it comes to the right ventilation of each room, the right colours of paints to be used, heights of cabinets, correct lighting, right choice of fixtures and the suitable type of flooring for the house.

When my uncle decided to migrate to the California with his family, they started living in an apartment and eventually bought a house. Since my uncle bought the place really cheap, he needed to do so much fixing and remodelling to make sure that the place is safe especially for his 8 month old baby girl (my cute cousin!). As a baby, the floor was my cousin's playground. According to my uncle, since his little angel spent much of her time on the floor, he needed to have the floor fixed as he found so many cracks on it already. He even found some molds on the corner areas of the floors which made him call a contractor who could help him create a safer floor for his baby and the whole family as well. After asking his friends for recommendations, it did not take so much time finding a qualified San Diego flooring company to do the job. The floor was changed in just a matter of days the way he wanted it. He said that the work was professionally done without the need of paying so much. He didn't have any regret hiring the contractor.

My cousin have enjoyed (and have been enjoying) the new safer floor for her. She's now turning three years old - walking and running and sometimes sleeping on the floor after getting tired of playing.

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