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Colon Cleansing For A Healthier You

My first encounter about the colon cleanse topic was when I began my studies in the college of pharmacy in the Philippines. From there, we were taught the importance of our body's gastrointestinal tract (also referred to as the GI tract) and why we it should be cleansed once in awhile. The colon is a part of the GI tract and is the one responsible for the final and last stages of the digestive process.

The colon has several functions in our body's digestive system. Such functions are to absorb water and electrolytes from indigestible food substances therefore, keeping the body's fluid in balance as much as possible, to absorb some necessary vitamins and last but not the least, it is the storage area of our body's wastes before it is excreted out of our system.
Just considering all the facts mentioned above, we then understand why colon cleansing is necessary. If the colon contains too many toxins, the colon won't be able to function well and may then result to certain health issues. Another thing is that a healthy colon will help us enhance both our energy and immune system.

If you have already heard about colon cleanse, then you should also know more about Master Cleanse which is also known in the health industry as the detoxification diet. The process has been introduced years ago and has been practiced since then. The good thing about Master Cleanse is that it does not only help in cleaning away the toxins from our colons. It also helps individuals stop coffee, alcohol, tobacco and funk food cravings which makes us a lot healthier.

Aside from Master Cleanse, what is a colonic therapy and what can it contribute in keeping our health on its peak? If you suffer often from constipation, this process is the answer to your problem. In colonic therapy, a disposable speculum is inserted into the person's anus which is then connected to a plastic tubing. Water is slowly introduced into the colon through the tube with the help of hydrotherapy. With the aid of this step, the colon muscles contract which will lead to the excretion of feces and toxins out of the body.

So, remember to take care of your health and your colon!

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