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My Dental Implant Experience

It's just one good news after another! After celebrating our (me and my boyfriend) 3rd anniversary ros a couple of weeks ago, Manny Pacquiao sweeping his new victory in boxing against Ricky Hatton tumbuk last Sunday, and passing menari the National Swedish Test --- my dentist finally attached my new tooth yesterday!

If you have read my Tooth Horror story, you'll be able to understand why I am so happy right now. Since the day I have had an accident damaging my front teeth, my self-esteem has been in the lowest level of my life. I am really happy that somehow, fate have pushed me into the care of a very good dentist.

I already have done my first four visits with my dentist. The first one was the examination and the planning regarding the best option to fix my tooth condition. It has been extremely bad that my gum and the nerves of both my front teeth have suffered so much trauma and have been severely inflamed. During that moment, my dentist have performed a little dental operation to clean the nerves. She also has injected an anti inflammatory and antibiotics to minimize and hopefully stop the infection. The suggestions have been to perform a root canal on one of my front tooth (left one) and a dental implant on the other tooth (right one) which has been broken due to my fall.

The second visit hasn't brought me good news. My dentist has taken a couple of x-rays and has informed me that the inflammation is still there. She has again cleaned the nerves, injected antibiotics and covered the nerve holes to allow the inner wounds to heal.

The third visit has been a long one. I have gone through a root canal session without any anesthesia at all. I haven't felt any pain which is surprisingly good actually. Once again, my teeth nerves have been injected with antibiotics. The holes have been closed to keep the nerves clean.

Yesterday ... yes ... yesterday, has been almost a three-hour session as I've gone through the tooth implant phase. Unluckily, I've been injected with anesthesia (which I really hate as it makes me soooo dizzy gigil). After more than two hours of dental operation, finally --- I've had my new tooth sengihnampakgigi!

I have been asked to visit my dentist again next week to make sure that everything's good and great!

Now, I can smile again!

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