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A Blind Man Driving A Mustang - Simply Amazing!

My boyfriend and I have been planning on purchasing a car sometime next year. We are both excited about it however, first things first --- he needs to get a driver's license first which is why he's going to go through a few days in a driving school nearby (as per requirement here in Sweden) and take the driving test after.

He then asked me if I desire to also get a driver's license. He didn't need to wait for a second or two to hear my reply, "No thanks!"

I know I can drive a car but whenever I am sitting on the driver's seat, I get all so nervous that I panic! My boyfriend tells me that I lack self-esteem and that the best way erase my fear of driving is to fully trust myself. He has made me watch blind man drive mustang on youtube.

I was totally blown away after watching the video. It made me feel like "If a blind man can do it, I can do it, too!"

So I've decided to begin attending a driving class and take the driving test after my boyfriend receives his license. Fingers crossed, I will pass it so I will also be able to drive our new car by the time we purchased it next year!

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