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Categories/types and symptoms of depression:

I. Major depression – this type of depression is considered to be the most serious category. It has a higher number and severity of symptoms. There is still no official diagnosis about major depression up to this time.

Symptoms of major depression:

  1. Rapid weight loss or extreme weight gain
  2. Increased appetite
  3. Either having difficulties in sleeping or having extended hours of sleeping
  4. Too much movement or slowing down which are generally observed by the people around
  5. Decrease in self-confidence
  6. Quick loss of energy and fatigue
  7. Excessive feeling of guilt
  8. Difficulty in focusing, concentrating, thinking
  9. Difficulty in making own decisions
  10. Although not all people under this category attempt suicide, most of them do atleast think about committing death

II. Dysthymic disorder – is the type of depression which attributes to a low to moderate level which has been occurring for the patient's last two years (atleast or even longer sometimes). People suffering from dysthymic depression are known to be more resistant to treatment compared to those who are suffering from the major type.

Symptoms of dysthymic disorder or dysthymia:

  1. Increased appetite
  2. Difficulty or increased hours sleeping hours
  3. Fatigue and decreased amount of energy
  4. Very low self-confidence
  5. Difficulty concentrating and thinking

III. Manic depression – which is also known as Bipolar disorder is another type of this illness which covers periods of mania and depression. This type of depression is comprised of a constant increased or extreme irritable mood which usually lasts for about a week.

Symptoms of manic depression or bipolar disorder:

  1. Slow but recognizable decrease in self-esteem
  2. Decreased hours of sleep
  3. Either became more talkative or less talkative compared before
  4. Distracted easily even by small things
  5. Excessive movement
  6. Sudden increase in social, school, work or sexual interests
  7. Too much involvement in very risky but pleasurable things like overspending and unwise approach in business engagements and decisions

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