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Dark Underarms

Reasons why underarms get dark:

  • The natural growth of underarm hair is one most common reasons why it darkens in color. Usually, people who suffer from this are those whose hair follicles are a lot thicker compared to others. So, at any hour of the day when the hair starts sprouting out of the underarm skin, the skin therefore starts to become darker, too.
  • Sweating also is a reason for having dark underarms. This is because of the fact that underarm sweat mixed with dead skin cells of the skin will accumulate on that area making it look darker.
  • Others say that using deodorants promotes underarm darkening. This is not actually true although using very strong deodorants might cause irritation to sensitive skin thus leading to unsightly skin color. So, when choosing a deodorant, make sure that is compatible with the type of skin you have. The main reason why using deodorants lead to skin darkening is that the leftover residues of deodorants stick to the skin even if we take a shower everyday. If it isn't scrubbed away, it will stay there covering the natural lighter color of your underarms.
  • Blouses or shirts having very tight underarm holds also lead to skin darkening. Underarms are one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Tight clothing which squeezes them promotes pressure and heat which then result to underarm discoloration.
  • Genetics is also one great factor in having hyperpigmented underarms.

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