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Dark Underarms

How to avoid/treat dark underarms:

  • Waxing the underarms promotes better underarm texture and skin color. Through waxing, even the roots of the hair are being pulled out from the skin. By the time the hair grows back again, it will no longer be as dark as before as the new growing hair is so much thinner and almost unnoticeable.

    Waxing also pulls out dead skin cells, another common contributor in skin darkening.
  • If you hate the idea of waxing, consider plucking then. Although it takes patience to do this, plucking also pulls out the hair and its root giving way to a thinner new hair later.

  • If you love to shave as it is simply the easiest way to get rid of unwanted hair, at least do this step properly. Before shaving, allow some minutes in the shower to have your skin softened. Having warm shower is considered to be a better choice as warm water opens the pores of the skin therefore making shaving easier. Also make sure to use a good brand of shaving cream or gel to have a smoother after shave feel. Never use soap as soaps are known to clog razors.

  • Choose the right type of deodorant for you. If possible, use alum powder instead as it is considered to be the mildest way of treating underarm odor without causing harm to the skin. You can also consider using apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, anti-bacterial rosemary and witch hazel as a deodorant. These liquids are proven to take care of too much sweating and body odor.

  • As deodorants, dead skin cells and sweat are accumulated on the underarms, make sure that you have some time to scrub these residues away from the skin. Scrubbing exfoliates the skin. Do this atleast twice a week. Remember that underarm skins are very sensitive so scrub it gently. Use a cloth or a loofah if possible.

  • You can also scrub a sugar-olive oil mixture. This is one best home remedy to gently exfoliate the skin. Olive oil ensures smooth skin after the scrub.

  • Using cucumber and raw grated potato juices are proven to whiten the skin, too.
  • Rubbing lemon slices to the skin before going to the shower also lightens dark skin tones.

  • Vitamin E or baking soda, when applied to the armpits after taking a shower prevents skin darkening.

  • Try mixing a small amount of coconut oil, one teaspoon of lime juice and one teaspoon of cucumber juice together and apply it on the underarms atleast 20 minutes before taking a shower or bath. This is a very effective way of exfoliating and lightening dark spots.

  • You can also opt for whitening creams and products available in markets today. They do not instantly whiten the skin but after continued use, you will see that your underarms are a lot lighter than before.

  • Two other choices are bleaching and peeling the underarm skin. If you consider doing this step, consult a dermatologist to do the work. This process usually results to discomforts such as redness and itchiness on the treated skin during and after some days of treatment.

  • Another procedure is by having your dermatologist inject whitening agents under your underarm skin. This leads to a lighter and whiter upper layer of the skin.

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