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Eye Bags

Tips to prevent the formation of eye bags:

  • Drink lesser amount of fluids before going to bed in order to minimize the body's fluid retention while you sleep.
  • It is better if you have the type of bed which can be adjusted or elevated. Elevating your bed is proven to prevent eye bags due to the fact that it keeps the fluids from settling around the eye area as your head is raised during sleep.
  • When choosing eye creams, be sure that the cream you have targets both dark circles and under-eye bags. Some wrinkle creams helps in reducing the wrinkles especially around the eyes. However, they plump the skin so much therefore also creating eye bags.
  • It is advised to have pillows filled with cotton or synthetic material instead of feather-filled pillows as feathers usually result to allergic reactions when in contact with the skin also causing eye puffiness.
  • Avoid eating junk foods as most contains high amounts of MSG and salt. Both (MSG and salt) retains too much amount of water hence, contributing to puffy eyes.

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