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Magnetic Earrings

As my boyfriend and I went to another town yesterday for an interview in a migration office here in Sweden, we anticipated a slight change in temperature. As we were heading north, we knew that the weather would be some degrees colder... and we were right.

Whenever the temperature's from 5 degrees Celcius and below, my ears froze that is why I needed to cover them with my jacket's hood or a cap to keep my ears warm.

However, since I didn't really like using caps and the jacket's hood, I decided to look for magnetic earrings. I was just thinking about the possibility that it might help in keeping my ears warm even without covering them. So, my boyfriend bought some pairs for me... actually, 12 pairs of magnetic earrings of different sizes, shapes and colors.

Anyway, I got the idea just because according to studies, magnets were proven to help in improving blood circulation. Since our ears have lots of tiny nerves in it, they needed to keep warm to avoid pain caused by very cold temperature. And since the holes in both my ears closed many years ago, I thought that trying magnetic earrings might just be worth the try.

Well, putting them on are not really difficult. You just put them on your ears. Ofcourse, one piece on the front and one piece at the back part of your ear. As the magnets are too strong, they cling really good to the skin. No matter how long and quick you jump or run, they won't fall.

The first few days were difficult as they were painful. But after sometime, after I was able to adjust to it, I felt a lot better. Knowing that I have ischemia (a kind of heart disease), it seemed that the difficulty in breathing instances were really reduced. I guess it really worked great for me.

Due to the fact that the magnet's power are strong enough to penetrate the skin, it does help a lot in improving blood circulation.

Back to my story, yesterday, as I was wearing magnetic earrings. Amazingly, my ears did not freeze even without covering them with a cap or with the hood. My ears did not feel the cold weather at all. No pain... no tingling sensation. It was so unbelievable!

Each pair of earrings did not cost us much. I guess my boyfriend only paid US$2 to 3 for each pair... really worth it!

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