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"Lip Balm" Your Lips!

Living in Sweden is great. However, there are just minor issues I need to get used to. Since Sweden is a cold country, my lips crack almost everyday.

Back in the Philippines, I also had the same problem. But not all the time.

I know that lip balms are known to save our lips from being dry due to the weather and worse, from cracking. So I apply a tiny film of my favorite lip balm whenever I feel that my lips are getting out of moisture. I even bring one in my purse everytime I need to go somewhere.

Anyway, lip balms are substances applied topically on the lips to stop them from cracking and are sold in small containers or sticks.

The first lip balms were first made out of earwax. Earwax lip balms were great on the lips. But people did not like taste so since then, people had been looking for ways to improve the taste and scent of lip balms.

Nowadays, lip balms are processed from beeswax, petrolem jelly, menthol, camphor, scented oil and some other key ingredients to make it suitable for the consumers. There are even balms with sun protection factor (SPF) to protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun.

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