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AeroGarden - Your Garden Right Inside Your Kitchen

Have you ever thought of growing your own vegetables inside your kitchen? I really love the idea. However, I find it difficult as it's too cold here in Sweden. I actually tried it twice. As expected, I wasn't successful in every try.

Now, one can actually do the unexpected! You can grow herbs and vegetables right in your kitchen even without soil! Does it sound impossible? I thought so, too. But when I checked out AeroGarden, I was absolutely amazed.

AeroGarden can be your little vegetable haven wherein you can grow plants just by popping growing pods into it. It has to be plugged in all the time to keep the internal micro-processor which controls everything working. What's magnificent about this item is that it tells you when you need to water the plants and when you have to pour in some nutrients. It even informs you on how much water you have to add! So no guessing needed!

Here are the features of AeroGarden:
  • The idea is based on Aeroponics - Aeroponics is the term used to describe the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil.
  • It has built-in grow lights which promote plant growth the whole year through.
  • It has 7 pre-seeded herb pods for faster seed germination.
  • It has a micro-processor which adjusts nutrient, water and light deliveries to the plants.
  • It has water and nutrient indicators to tell you when it's time to water and add plant nutrients.

Just by looking at the photos, I believe that this machine isn't that difficult to use. Plus one can have fresh vegetables and herbs inside the kitchen all the time. This one's perfect especially to people who are living in cold countries where it's almost next to impossible to grow plants at home.

The machine comes in two colours, black and white and each is priced at around £119.99. Each AeroGarden purchase comes with Seed Kit Gourment Herbs. If you are interested to order additional seed kit, you are welcome to do so. Seed kits are available in Salad Greens, Gourment Herbs and Cheery Tomatoes which cost £14.99 per kit.

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