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Affordable Eyeglasses With Style At Zenni Optical

One of my friends came to me two weeks ago with a worried face as she mistakenly sat on her pair of eyeglasses. She showed them to me and they were pretty much broken. As she stopped working in November 2008, she admitted that she could not afford to pay for a new pair at the moment as each pair costs a lot of money these days.

I helped her in looking for a solution. We tried surfing the internet for possible optical stores online which do not charge so much for a pair of eyeglasses. It did not take us a lot of time to get into a page in The New York Times wherein several tips on how to save a great deal of money when it comes to purchasing the right pair of eyeglasses are being discussed. Reading through the article, we encountered a well-known optical shop store called Zenni Optical which sells affordable eyeglasses for as low as US$8.

We immediately went to Zenni Optical's webpage and read more about what they could possibly offer us. We're very surprised as the prices were really amazingly great on the budget. Customers like us can also avail of anti-scratch coating, UV protection and lens edge polishing at no extra cost.

My friend chose this style:
(price of the frame and lens: US$9.95)

While I purchased this one (honestly, my boyfriend paid for it):

(price of the frame and lens: US$12.95)

I actually already have a pair of eyeglasses which my boyfriend paid for last year. I am just thinking that it's better to have another extra pair reserved. Well, why not? It does not cost that much anyway. It's worth the money!

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