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Feeling Sick

I was not really feeling so good today. I was suffering from too much headache and I couldn't understand why.

I seemed to be healthy this morning while attending classes. A few minutes after arriving in our apartment, I began feeling a bit dizzy and then I started having headaches. I also felt shoulder pains. Hmm.. could be that I am missing my mom's touch as she usually massages me whenever I feel tired and ill (of course, when I was still in the Philippines).

Thinking that taking a bath would help me, I submerged my body in a warm bath for almost an hour. I was able to relax for awhile. I actually took a short nap while having my precious bath. I was still feeling sick after the bath so I decided to stay on the bed for some time. Luckily, my boyfriend gave my shoulders and feet a massage which really felt good. He also rubbed my head until I'd fallen asleep. I woke up feeling great after a couple of hour's sleep.

I am very thankful for the fact that I can get a massage every now and then to relieve stress and body pains.

My energy's back now. Not on the highest level yet but at least, my head's no longer killing me due to pain. Hope I will not be feeling ill tomorrow as it's Saturday and it's supposed to be a day for me (and maybe for you, too) to enjoy!

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