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Our February 14

So, how is everybody's Valentine's Day going? Whether you are spending your February 14 with your better-half, your family or your friends (or alone), I hope it's a day worth remembering.

It is very cold where we are in Sweden. It has actually been below 10 degress Celcius for more than a week now and more and more people are getting sick. There are even days when most of my classmates have decided to stay at home instead of going to school as they aren't feeling that good.

The unfriendly situation struck us this morning. My boyfriend's having fever while I am feeling bad as well. Instead of going out to celebrate, we decided to stay home. He fixed me a lovely breakfast in bed with my favourite Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee (yup, I prefer instant than home brewed), friend ham, toasted bread, fried egg in heart shape (the heart-shaped pan was a gift from my boyfriend's sister) and heart shaped chocolates. I love it! I mean, who wouldn't? It sounds simple but it had been so special to me.We spent the rest of the afternoon watching telly (watching some episodes of Heroes to be precise). I fixed steak and fries for dinner which my boyfriend really appreciated. At the moment, we are enjoying a bowl each of buttered popcorn, a cup of coffee for me and a cup of tea for him while watching Keanu Reeves' Constatine.

So far... we are experiencing a Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are, too!

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