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Mr. Lo's Air Mattress

Every now and then my boyfriend's bestfriend for life, Lawrence (who I fondly call Mr. Lo and who I claim as my bestfriend, too) comes over to visit us and stays for some days with us. I appreciate his presence so much because aside from me, he also makes my boyfriend glad. Since our apartment only has one bedroom, Mr. Lo has to spend his sleeping hours on the living room. Well, he seems not to mind it for as long as he sleeps on his lovely air mattress which my boyfriend and I bought specially for him.

Problem is that we have two lively playful cats who have already punched some holes on his air bed. Unfortunately, when we bought Mr. Lo's bed it did not come with a patch repair kit so we really have problems fixing it.

We finally one day bought an air mattress leak repair kit over the internet. As soon as it arrived, we repaired the leaks at once.

Mr. Lo can again sleep on his comfortable bed the next time he visits!

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