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Your Handy Memory Device

As a writer, photographer, a movie and music fanatic, I have lots of files which are saved on my computer's memory. It came to a point when one night, my computer stopped running. When a computer wizard (that's my boyfriend) checked what went wrong, he told me that my computer's memory is almost full. Well, that basically happens to me whenever I am so stressed. My brain's central processing unit freezes and discontinues functioning. All I need now is a device where I can store my important files into... most preferably, a portable drive with a huge storage space which I can carry wherever I go.

Due to continuous advancement in technology, the thinnest and the lightest portable USB drive has been introduced. With it's 320 GB storage capacity, it is definitely the answer to my problem. Would you believe if I say that it is only 10 mm deep and weighs 0.3 pounds? It is perfect on my tiny hands. Well, you better see to believe it! You can surely afford to buy one as this specific portable drive only costs US$69.95.

Be friendly to your computers. Save your files, documents, videos, music and photographs in this handy device!

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