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She Nearly Froze To Death

My cousin told me about her horrifying winter experience in the U.S. It was her boyfriend's treat to her after passing the licensure exam for nurses. She was so excited that she started preparing the things she would need for her first meeting with Snowman a month before their departure. I was really very happy for her. After her very struggles in college, her vacation outside the Philippines was something she really deserved.

It was on the second day of their stay in the hotel when their heater broke down. Despite the fact that it was not fixed yet, she decided to take a shower after waking up in the morning. As she finished, she felt her legs trembling and her lips shaking. She told me that she was rushed to the hospital that day as she nearly froze to death. She even told me that she would never take a bath again if the room's central heating system isn't working. She did learn her lessons the difficult way.

I am glad that she was able to survive her near death experience. She's actually back in the U.S. with her boyfriend. This time, not for a vacation but for a long time stay with her boyfriend as they both got a job in two different hospitals. She claims that their apartment's central heating is being checked every two months to avoid such incidence from happening again.

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