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Our Friday Movie Night

I love Fridays! This is the perfect day of each week when my boyfriend and I can finally step back for a moment and relax for awhile. We usually spend so much time together on the last day of every weekend on the sofa while having dinner and watching a film. Yup, it is our movie night!

We just finished watching an intriguing film about a man who was facing extreme debt problems. He was enjoying life to the fullest that he did not think of what could possibly happen to his future. With the continuous advice of his parents, he slowly realized that he's almost at that point in his life where he could no longer pay for all his debts. Scared to lose everything he had, the main character decided to avail of debt consolidation loans with hopes that it could possibly save his future which as obviously slowly falling apart. The free debt consolidation helped him in managing his debts a lot better by just taking one loan which he paid for once every month. The plan worked well for him. He was able to pay back all his bills and debts after a certain period of time. He finally found a solution and got rid of most of his debts!

The film was not that exciting some parts were quite predictable. But it does have a very fine detailed story and a good ending.

We will be watching another film after a few minutes. This time, it is going to be a war film. I'll just need to fix a cup of coffee for me and a cup of tea for my boyfriend and we are soon set for another film!

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