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Too Excited For Our Upcoming 2009 Vacation!

2008 had been a busy year for me. My boyfriend had always asked me about taking some time off from everything for awhile in order for us to travel somewhere where the two of us can spend precious time together. He really meant every word he told me. He promised me an ultimate vacation for a week or two within 2009 to a place of my choice.

I will not lie about it. I am honestly thrilled and excited to leave my worries behind for sometime and focus more on the beauty of life. This holiday vacation will surely become the vacation of a lifetime so I really need to choose wisely with my heart.

My first idea is to spend a week in a condominium facing the beach. I have not been to the beach for almost two years now and my body really longs for it. Siesta Key vacation rentals will be perfect for this primary plan.

My second choice is to enjoy nature sport activities. I am already 30 years old and still I have not experienced jet skiing, snowmobiling, sledding and downhill skiing. These sports are something I really want to go through in this lifetime and the best place to encounter all these is at Breckenridge lodging. I can even do camping and wildlife viewing!

Last but not the least, my dream of staying in a huge house with great amenities such as our own game room with table soccer (I really love soccer!), shuffleboard and of course a pool table! Kissimmee vacation villas do not only have all these. What's even more amazing is that each villa has its own private screened hot spa and pool. Now that's something I don't get everyday.

I need to take a pause now and think about which one to choose. It's still months away for our most-awaited June vacation and the excitement's already blowing us away!

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