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Are You Strong Enough To Watch This Video? Acrophobia - The Fear Of Heights

Acrophobia as defined by Wikipedia is "an extreme or irrational fear of heights". I know a lot of people who suffer from it (including yours truly). Standing on top of high buildings make my knees shake.

I once went on top of one of Singapore's highest buildings. I was with my friends and we just did it for fun and of course - curiosity. We all forced ourselves to look down from the top and got really terrified. We felt the gravity pulling us downwards which ended our curiosity. Gosh. It's really horrible.

So are you acrophobic or not? Let's see if your stomach's as tough as metal by watching the video below.

Oh, before finally proceeding to the video, let me first put a short introduction about it.

  • The video's taken in El Caminito del Rey (sometimes referred to as just El Camino del Rey which means The King's Pathway) located in Malaga, Spain.
  • The construction of the walkway started in 1901 and was totally finished in 1905.
  • The walkway lacks maintenance and is very much destroyed nowadays making it a dangerous path to walk through.
  • The guy who is taking this video (meaning, his one hand's holding the video while the other's helping him to keep his balance) isn't wearing any safety device at all unlike other adventurers (you can see the others with harness throughout the video) who find thrill and excitement crossing this path.

So, are you an acrophobic or not? Try watching the video to find out the answer for yourself.

Warning: not recommended for the weak of heart


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