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Wonderful Benefits From Infrared Sauna Rooms

When I was attending my everyday gym classes in the Philippines, I always made it a point to lock myself inside the gym's sauna room. Aside from its use was free for all gym members, staying inside the sauna room for 15 minutes or more could help relax the muscles and the nerves after an hour of different workouts. My mother and brother could stay longer than 30 minutes. However, after 10 minutes, I usually felt suffocated and had difficulty breathing that's why I needed to get out of the room immediately. That's not relaxing and not even fun at all.

The reason behind my sauna problem is that the sauna room in the gym where I used to workout is that it's using a traditional sauna method which uses steam. The steam heats the air which makes it harder for me to breathe minute after minute (although this side effect differs from one person to another).

If you are suffering from the same case as mine - that you do enjoy staying in sauna rooms but find it difficult to breathe after a few minutes, then infrared sauna is the perfect solution for us sauna lovers! Unlike steam sauna, infrared saunas use infrared radiation that directly heat the users and not the air. There's no more breathing problem for me (and maybe, you too).

Common far infrared saunas are a wooden box with built in several infrared heaters to keep the environment warm enough to produce radiant energy which helps the occupants attain health benefits such as:
  • relief from pain (rheumatoid arthritis, muscle pain, menstrual pain, stiff neck, etc.)
  • can burn up to 900 calories in just 30 minutes, making it a good way of losing weight
  • helps in preventing premature aging by increasing the extensibility of the collagen tissue
  • detoxifies the body
  • maintaining healthy blood pressure
  • and many more
You can now get your own infrared sauna for as low as $1,995. Imagine having your own sauna room at the comfort of your own home!

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