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Carhartt - Your One Stop Construction Gear Brand

I was one of the chosen eight here in Sweden who were given the chance to visit huge construction companies sometime in March 2008. We were also able to visit sites where huge machineries and trucks are being assembled and fixed. We were so awed that we spent a few hours roaming around the facilities, watching how things are done and observing how the employees worked in such environments.

Just like any heavy duty facilities, every employee has to wear protective gears provided by the company to ensure the overall safety in the field. Everyone entering the construction premises (even visitors who want to take a look around) has to wear the complete gear from head to toe - the hard hat, the protective clothes, working gloves, masks (at some areas) and of course a pair of working shoes. Each item is a must as is a part of each company's regulations.
Carhartt Clothing & Boots offers a complete line of construction gear such as overalls, jeans, jackets, gloves, socks, hats and gloves. Carhartt's construction line do not end just there as they also offer work clothing designed to keep you warm during the winter season.

So next time you are thinking of purchasing working gear items, go check Carhartt. You'll surely find there everything you need from head to toe to keep you safe at work!

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