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Watch Michael Jackson Perform At The O2 Arena!

I still have three more months to go before this semester ends. Yet, I am already looking forward to it with much eagerness. The winter season has been so long and cold and school has been so stressful that hitting the first day of the summer vacation is going to be a sweet relief.

Well, I am not the only one who's pretty excited for the summer break. Because my boyfriend's a teacher, he will also get the privilege to enjoy a two-month rest from work. Since we're both lucky to get away from stress at the same time, we're deciding on traveling to London for a week. What pleases me so much is the news that Michael Jackson, the king of pop (yes, you've read it right) is going to have a series of shows at the O2 Arena. The tickets to Michael Jackson concerts are now open for reservation.
According to news, the king of pop's scheduled shows at the O2 Arena, London are considered to be his final performance on the said venue. So if you are one of the king of pop's fans, purchase Michael Jackson tickets for your friends, for your loved ones and especially for you!

As for me, I can't wait to see Michael Jackson perform live. So this is going to be a great summer treat for me and my boyfriend!

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