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Tungsten And Titanium Rings - Designed To Last Forever

The first time I heard about tungsten rings, I immediately got curious. I was flipping through pages of a particular online jewelry catalogue when I reached the last leaf where different tungsten ring designs were featured.

Having chemistry as a part of my yearly life in college as a pharmacy student, the word tungsten rang a bell at once. Isn't tungsten that metal with the highest melting point of all the non-alloys? Yes, it is! Since tungsten in its pure state is not scratch resistance, tungsten rings are made up of tungsten carbide alloy which is considered to be the hardest metal employed in jewelry making. It's just the perfect ring for someone like me who does not want to take off jewelries even when doing houseworks. I no longer need to worry about losing its shine and having it scratched. It's good to know that I have saved money.

A friend who's finally getting married two months from now with her workaholic boyfriend is already busy preparing everything for the big day. According to history and marriage psychologists, wedding rings symbolize eternal love for the couple that's why my friend, together with her fiance are carefully choosing their rings. They are specifically into the idea of ordering titanium wedding bands which will not only represent their enertal love for each other but will also serve as symbols to their strong, corrosion and scratch resistant relationship.

Me and my friend's taste when it comes to rings might not be unanimous but our friendship's just like both titanium and tungsten - hard, scratch free and for life!

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