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Life Is An Adventure!

By the time I set foot in Sweden, I realized that I am actually an adventurous type of person. I never actually understood why some people love to go out camping, mountain climbing, rock climbing, hiking, skiing and so on and so forth. In just a matter of weeks of being exposed to Swedish people's love for sports and nature, my personality turned almost 360 degrees - from not being interested to outdoor activities to being adventurous.

My first passion has been focused to try skiing. We live somewhere north of Sweden so winter's quite long and boring. Aside from making snowman and snow angels, skiing is one of the best way to erase the "boring" part of the season. Since I want to engage myself into such an activity, I have to have proper skiing gear to keep me warm and protected. Finding the right skiing clothing is not really difficult to do. I just simply ordered online a complete set of North Face skiing gear. In just 5 days, my "must have" for my first snow adventure's complete!Since summer's going to be here soon, I am thinking of participating in another outdoor experience - mountain climbing! My friends have been planning about it three weeks ago. I haven't been able to join them during the summer of 2008 as have been attending to my summer job. Now, I am hoping to join them and see the beauty of nature from above. I admit that I am too excited about it that I am already planning about ordering my Arcteryx mountain climbing clothing. Just like skiing, I must have appropriate Climbing Gear to help me get going.

It's really fun to go out and be a part of nature. I wonder what type of adventure I am going to involve myself into next time...

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