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High School Best Friends

I spent my last two years in highschool in my grandmother's town. I first did not buy the idea of transferring to another school as I did not want to leave my friends behind. But due to unavoidable circumstances, me and two younger brothers followed our parents' decision. It did not took us a long time to get adjusted to the new town and the new school as most people were nice enough to welcome us.

(On the photo: with my best friend, Nenita. Taken in 2004)

Looking back, I felt that going to another school would become one of the circumstances that I am going to regret my whole life through. It turned the other way around - as I could have regretted not grasping the chance of moving to another place as it was there where I met the very person who became my life long best friend.

It's just sad that after graduating from high school (1996), me and my best friend parted ways as I went back to the city where I grew up in while she remained in the same town. She decided to become an accountant while my desire was to become a pharmacist. We spent our college years away from each other but our communication never stopped at all. The only sad thing was, we never met even once for four years while we were attending our college courses. We graduated the same year and found jobs at once, my friend's working in a marketing firm while I landed a job in a hospital.

We did miss each other so much but our busy lives and the distance kept us from seeing each other. We were lucky that somehow, the alumni was organizing two high school reunions in 2004. My best friend and me were not able to make it on the first gathering but we sure made it to the second one! After 8 long years of being apart , we finally met again!

I received a newsletter three weeks ago from the alumni mentioning a possible reunion some time in July this year. With hopes, I can attend and meet my friend again!


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