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Quality Furniture at Furniture From Home

We live in a small apartment in the middle of town. Although the floor area's not huge, the place is just perfect for me, my boyfriend and our two lovely cats.

Since we have a small place, we make it a point to at least have nice appliances which are perfect for our space such as having a flat telly on our living room, slim DVD players (one in our living room and another one in our bedroom) and a flat screen monitor for my desktop. They are just some of the most important house items in our lives which do not need to take up so much space in our home.

Aside from appliances, we are also very picky when it comes to purchasing furniture. We only buy something which will fit perfectly in our apartment - furniture which are comfortable but won't eat up so much space.

Choosing bedroom furniture was tricky for us when we were looking for a bed, cabinets and corner tables. It was difficult to find something which would make our bedroom complete but uncrowded. It took us some time to decide but we finally found what we were looking for. As they say, "Patience is a virtue" and it really is!

If choosing the right items for our bedroom was difficult, deciding about living room furniture was so easy for us as we both knew what we wanted. Before even changing our old sofa, we had already run through some magazines about home and living so by the time that our old sofa had to retire from its service, we already knew what to buy next. We ordered a classic leather sectional sofa which went great in our living room.

(Our sofa looks almost the same as on the photo. However, ours is colour maroon.)

Remember that it is always best to purchase furniture which you find pleasing to your home, perfect for your lifestyle, durable and will bring you comfort... if not, then it's not worth it.


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