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Just Found The Perfect Pair Of Water-Resistant Boots For Spring!

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against winter. In fact, I enjoy playing on the snow and skiing whenever possible. I also love the scenery when everything seems to be so white and clear - so calming and relaxing.

However, there is also this other side of me who loves the warmth of summer. It's only during the summer months when me and my boyfriend can have a picnic on the park, go to the beach or enjoy eating ice cream while sitting on a bench in town.

We're already half-way through March and winter season's slowly giving way for summer time to play its part. But before finally reaching the first day of summer, there will always be the period of spring which is often referred to as the season of growth. Spring is the sign of greenery and beauty as trees begin to grow back its leaves again while flowers begin to spread hope and love to people. Spring is fantastic except for one thing - its the wet season! Snow and ice are starting to melt making the streets uncomfortable to walk on.

During the spring of 2008, I was heading to my summer job in the pharmacy when the roads are all soaked up with melted memories of winter. I was wearing my favourite pair of rubber shoes which I realized wasn't a wise idea at all. On my way to the pharmacy, I hopped and skipped over many small-looking ponds just to avoid getting my shoes wet. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to keep them dry. I went to work with wet shoes and almost dripping socks. That day, I needed to buy myself a new pair of shoes and socks right before I started working. I wasn't planning to work for eight hours with wet feet as it's unhealthy and annoying at the same time. Good thing I brought enough money with me to pay for my new necessities for that day or else it could have been a catastrophe.

Due to my past unwanted spring experience, I am very much willing to buy myself a pair of waterproof boots to prevent it from happening again. My teacher told me about and highly recommends it to me. She says that the customer service is beyond compare and that the staffs are really friendly and easy to deal with. That is really an interesting fact because not many companies online care for their clients at all anymore. Checking through different shoes the website has to offer, I am glad that they now have Timberland Boots which aren't just water-resistant. Timberland boots are also known for its quick drying and non-wicking materials. The boots also have its own drainage system and breathable mesh to provide more comfort. These boots are just amazing! I am really glad that they do have my size, 7! Without any doubt, I will be having a better spring season this time of the year!

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