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Meeting A Friendly Policeman In A Math Class

I was sitting in my second Mathematics day last semester when a new classmate came in. He was all geared up like policemen usually do. Curious as always, I approached him after our class and asked him frankly about his profession. He was friendly enough to introduce himself and even spent some minutes to tell me a bit about himself.

He's two-year younger than I am and was one of the police officers in town. The reason why he sat down in our class that day was because he needed to refresh his math skills. He was going to take a national exam in order to get promoted. With much surprise, he even showed me the gun he was carrying that time. He also boasted a bit about the shoulder holster he had to hold his gun. He said that his mother ordered it for him as a gift after graduating from the police academy. According to him, his mother allowed him to choose which one from the many DeSantis Holsters would he really want to have. He chose the shoulder holster he was wearing that day which was actually made of good quality leather.

I told him about my dream of trying shooting one day as a form of sports. He said that it is actually a good idea to keep myself physically fit and mentally focused.

We met three months after and he was so glad to inform me that he had been promoted a rank higher. Good for him!

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