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Living A Better Life Through The Power Of Meditation

It is a busy world out there. Employees rush to work in the morning and rush back home to their families at the end of the day. Students try to cope up with every lecture and try to meet up with all the deadlines. Parents fit everything in their everyday schedules - attend to their jobs and spend quality time with their kids. Individuals always define a line between happiness and sorrow, putting all their efforts to stay happy while avoiding emotional pain as much as possible. They say that making the right choice will make life a lot easier but even the idea of "choosing " is not as easy as it seems to be.

Reality is, life is filled with unavoidable complications and life is supplied with unending amount of stress. The clock is ticking and we have to make sure that we have done something right in every "tick" that passes us by to make life more meaningful. This is why at the end of the day, we are tired and exhausted. All we want to do is to go to bed and take our each day's long awaited sleep.

I am a studying and working at the same time and the stress level is just way above my head. There are times when I feel like drowning with so much stuff waiting for me to be accomplished. There are days when I cry because of too much tension that's slowly tearing me apart.

I am thankful that one day, my boyfriend told me to try and relax through meditation. I first thought that it's just a perfect waste of time. However, I gave it a shot anyway. A common friend who's taking yoga lessons introduced my boyfriend to a guide to meditation link online. Since my boyfriend thought that spending some time on my own to meditate would help me in clearing away the stress and tension which were troubling me in a daily basis, he opened up the MindfulLiving Network website for me to check out. MindfulLiving Network is like a personal meditation room for me. All I need to do is to lock myself inside my bedroom for a few minutes, open the page on my laptop and meditate. I can freely choose between four relaxing scenarios: the sunrise, the ocean, the sunset and the moon while renewing my energy (personally, the ocean is my favourite among the four I've mentioned).

I have now injected meditation into my daily schedule as it's what I do at the end of my every day. It's refreshing and soothing to the soul.

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