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Swimming With The Dolphins In Grand Cayman

Traveling and going on a vacation is perhaps the best way of spending time with families and friends away from the busy life at work or school. Just imagine yourself spending a week or two with the people you love in one of your favourite places on earth. Just the thought of it makes us want to rush to the airport and fly away from our hectic lives for awhile.

I was sitting in front of the telly just an hour ago watching a Travel And Living show about a family enjoying a couple of weeks of Grand Cayman Island cruise tours and excursions. Living in a cold part of Sweden, I felt so envious that I also would want to join the family at once. Grand Cayman Island is a very famous tourist destination for people who love the beach. The waters surrounding Grand Cayman is truly one of the clearest waters in the world making it look so inviting!

On the later part of the show, the family had their experience of a lifetime swimming with the dolphins. Now that was totally fun to watch!

After watching the show, I also felt like I wanted to fly there with my boyfriend, enjoy the clear blue waters and swim with the dolphins. I once had watched dolphin shows but I wasn't lucky enough to even get near them and touch them. The show gave my boyfriend and me an idea on what to do and where to go on our upcoming summer vacation.

See you soon dolphins!

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