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Magnetic Accessories

If you love the way magnets help you maintain good health, below are some magnetic accessories which you can wear anywhere and anytime you want. They are so stylish and elegant that you can even have them on parties and other important celebrations. Your friends will not even notice that you are wearing magnets... that I assure you.

Since the day I was diagnosed with ischemia and high blood pressure (Yes. Even if I am thin and small, I do suffer from it - got it from my dad), my mom bought me some magnetic stuffs which can possibly help me in keeping my blood circulation healthy. I am lucky enough that magnets do work well for me that's why I always wear magnetic accessories wherever I go.

Here are some magnetic accessories which you might be interested in:

Magnetic earrings come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Each earring has a magnet at the back of its diamond-looking front which then attaches the earring safely on the ear. A small metal at the back of the ear (where the magnet sticks to) keeps the earring at place. These earrings' magnets are strong enough to penetrate the skin. Don't worry. It will not fall off even if you jump and dance around whole night long.
  • I personally have 24 pairs of magnetic earrings right now which I can easily mix and match with my dresss. I once have mentioned about my magnetic earring experience in this blog. You can go through the post here.
Magnetic necklaces are also very good especially to people who are suffering from any heart ailment (like me ) as it is placed closer to the heart. A magnetic bracelet may contain several magnets on it depending on its style.
  • I personally own one magnetic necklace with 4 magnets attached to it.
Magnetic bracelets are perhaps the most popular magnetic accessory. Unlike the necklace and earrings which are worn by many women, magnetic bracelets are the choice for men as there are many of these bracelets which are crafted and designed to fit a man's manly image (if you know what I mean). Many athletes especially in the field of gold and chess wear them as they help them to feel more at ease. Lots of poker players love to wear magnetic bracelets, too. Each bracelet has at least two magnets, one each on both ends of the circle. There are some which have magnets encircling the entire bracelet.
  • I personally have one magnetic bracelet which has 4 magnets attached to it.
Just like magnetic bracelets, most men also wear magnetic rings as there are many designs which are meant from for men alone. Each ring usually has two magnets, each located at each end of the ring.
  • I personally have one magnetic ring with two magnets on it.
Well, I love magnetic accessories but I do not wear them all at the same time. I am not in quest to replace Magneto's place anyway (wait... that sounds cool!). It is enough for me to wear at least one of them in every occasion. Really helps me in keeping a healthy blood circulation which in my case is very necessary to keep my breathing right.

Remember that magnetic accessories should has at least 300 Gauss to effectively penetrate the skin. Weak ones (the ones below 300) are useless for your health. Also take note that each accessory should not also go beyond 3000 Gauss as it may also cause damage to your health.

In case of doubt, please consult with your physician first.


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