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Pretty Lighted Glass Crafts

Living in a country like Sweden where there are months when the night is much longer than daytime and that you want to have something inside your house (or apartment) which will not only bring brightness but will make your place a lot prettier.

This is why I searched over the net for great light stuffs to make our small apartment more beautiful especially when the sun decides to take his rest at some point of each day. It took me a few minutes to finally find what I was looking for.

I first found a pack of six roses which are battery operated. They are not expensive and would surely look great during night time. The flowers are entirely made of glass - the rose buds, the leaves and the stems are all in glass and everything just lights up! Lovely!

To enhance the beauty of the flowers, there should be butterflies, right? And with much luck, I also found butterflies which are made from glass. Yes... they too light up and are run by batteries. They are a lot more expensive than the roses as they are huge butterflies which I can easily stick on the wall.

I was already about to leave the page when I took a glimpse of a cute thing which looked like a lighted bowl encapsulating something in it. Upon enlarging the photo, I saw this pretty little angel inside it which ... of course lights up as well! It comes in four different colours and I only could pay for one so I should really decided on this one.

I can't wait to finally place my orders!


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