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Meeting The First Three "Punks" In My Life

It was my first week here in Sweden when my boyfriend and I decided to have some coffee in the most visited coffee shop in town. Being a coffee lover, I was so excited to go and take a sip of Sweden's delicious brewed coffee... not to mention that we would only have to pay for the first cup and the rests were for free.

Thing was there had been a surprise for me that day, in the coffee shop. I was sipping my warm cup of coffee diluted with milk and sweetened with two small cubes of sugar when one by one, my boyfriend's friends came by to meet me. I was in shock as I did not expect them to see me - at least, not by that time. To make a long story short, I had been introduced to lots of Swedish people during my first week here in Sweden, in a coffee shop without prior notice.

Living in a small town, most people know each other here and that if you are a bit "different", you will always get noticed by almost everyone. I am saying this because three of my boyfriend's friends are what we call "punks". I've seen many of them in films and most are crazy and weird, people who are different to get along with. One of them has a hair like Mr. T has, the other one has a long African style braided hair and the third one has a very colourful hair, one side's colour red while the other's green. They have piercings all over their faces and with chains encircling their pants. They are total punks but unlike in films, they are nice, friendly and great to talk to. They are not actually "different". They just have their own styles which make them feel good inside out. They are who they are and they are great creatures just like us.

As they are misunderstood by many and judged by almost everybody, "punks" now spend their time at Punk Chat where they can meet other "punks" like them online. It's where they can truly be free without being judged and being looked down. It's a good that thing they now have another online space where they can hang out and meet new friends.


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